As our residents move into the sold out phase one building we are opening phase two reservations. Don’t wait to make your reservation! As we saw in phase one reservations go quickly with a waitlist for each unit to follow. Schedule an appointment with our sales team today.




Boise's thriving downtown is one step out of the front door. These two-story homes offer an adventurous urban living experience and convenient ground level access to Boise's best. 


The neighborhood vibe doesn't have to stay in the neighborhood. These spacious homes offer direct access to the roof top garden and it's amenities; designated pet area and landscaped garden courtyard. 


Meet in the middle with homes that boast unbelievable views of Boise while also encouraging you to take to the streets. With The Cultural District, Boise Greenbelt, and the heart of downtown all within a few blocks. Enjoy the city and love the view. The perfect combination.  


Home is what you make it, but remarkable views of Boise don't hurt. These are homes unlike any other in the valley featuring abundant living space, easy access to The Afton's best amenities, and unbelievable vantage points. Come for the view, stay for the feeling.

Floor Five

They're right about the view from the top. Offering spacious living and the greatest views, the fifth floor allows you to take in the diverse landscape of Boise. Enjoy the view of dense foliage that follows the river through the city. Watch the seasons change, Boise grow and life below stroll by.