There are so many advantages and opportunities to living in the heart of downtown Boise that it is highly possible you may not have asked yourself some important questions. Questions like, will the Capital City Public Market on 8th Street turn into your new favorite hangout spot every Saturday? Or, are you fully prepared to realize your passion for bird watching along the Boise River? Both are fantastic questions, but what about downsizing to one vehicle, or no vehicles for that matter? Luckily, it’s an answer worth uncovering.


Downtown Boise is a tight-knit community and that feeling has been kept front and center over the years of development and growth. From the front doors of The Afton, all the activities and exploration you could ever want are within walking distance. According to Walk Score, a resource that scores locations based on their walkability, The Afton scores an unbelievable 86 out of 100. That means that the majority of places you want to go are close enough to walk to. Not to mention, if you are in the mood to go it on two wheels, The Afton scored a perfect 100 on the biking score. They call that a biker’s paradise.


Keeping a full fridge, and in turn, full stomachs is a daily necessity. However, it can also be a weekly hassle. Driving to the store, hunting for the items on your list and getting out of the parking lot unharmed can be a true feat. Luckily, local grocery stores, including Idaho’s own Albertson’s, now offer fast and affordable grocery delivery. They have an easy to use ordering system and one-hour delivery windows to get you what you want it. Or, stretch your legs with a quick four block stroll over to Trader Joe’s on Capitol Boulevard. Just make sure to bring your reusable tote. Other great options include complete meal delivery services like Blue Apron and Hello Fresh, who are always ready deliver a few hours back each week to your doorstep.


If you’re going away on business for a few days or just taking that vacation you deserve, not having a car to get you to the terminal isn’t a problem. The Afton is a quick ten minute Uber ride to the Boise Airport and the ride costs less that $13. No more worrying about having to pay premium parking rates (long term parking costs $9-$11.50 per day!). No more having to remember what lot your car is in. Just stress-free transportation that gets you where you’re going faster.


It’s easy to see the convenience that living at The Afton grants you, but breaking down the numbers really brings it home. According to AAA, the cost of owning a vehicle averages out at just under $9,000 per year. That includes yearly fuel costs, maintenance, repairs, taxes, licensing fees, registration, insurance premiums, and the vehicle's depreciation. That $9,000 sure sounds like a lot Uber rides to the airport, or just what you need to fill up that “Trip to Tuscany” jar.


Letting go is never easy, but sometimes the grass that’s greener is just better. Having a vehicle can be a convenience, but in some cases it can be an anchor. From The Afton, the downtown atmosphere is inviting and the few things lie outside your fingertips.  So if you’re ready, leave the keys behind and fully embrace it.