The Afton is something new in downtown Boise, Idaho.  

If downtown living is equally new in your consideration for the future, you might be wondering what would change in your lifestyle. What would you need to leave behind?

How would it feel to leave behind the traffic and the commute...and maybe a car (or two). Would you leave behind the yard work? Leave behind the house maintenance?  

A recent article in The Atlantic titled “Why Are Developers Still Building Sprawls?” by Alana Semuels, underscored the return to the advantages of urban living. There’s a growing trend away from car dependent suburbs and the creation of “urban living centers”; small, sometimes newly created walkable communities with services close at hand. Why? Because they’re user friendly.

For what will you be trading? How about a trade-up for a more simple design for living - in the heart of Boise’s downtown, with acres of parks out your front door? How about exchanging the freeway for the Greenbelt and taking up an active urban lifestyle in a community that is designed for just that?

According to Christopher Leinberger’s The Option of Urbanism, “30% of the entire nation (all ages) wants to live in a walkable urban environment, while less than 5% of the nation’s housing stock is actually located in walkable neighborhoods.” The Afton is the answer to this unmet demand in Boise.

There is the busy, encumbered you and there is the ideal you. Leave behind the hassles and enjoy more living at The Afton.

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