Summer’s over. It’s a difficult reality for many to swallow. The same many who see Autumn only as the time to baton down that hatches and wait for winter to creep in and pass by.

This is not, and should never be, the case in Boise.

Boise revels in the idea that Fall isn’t the season to nestle in deep. It’s the city’s second blooming. And whether it’s taking in the outdoors or exploring autumn evenings around the city, the Afton is at the center of it all.

You have the opportunity to watch the leaves change through downtown, from your front window. So take in the view and then take the few steps out your front door and get lost in it. The Boise Greenbelt is just two blocks away and gives you access to stunning river views and Boise’s parks. All autumn long there are activities littered through Ann Morrison Park and Kathryn Albertson Park, take the short walk along the river to find them. And don’t forget the Boise foothills! Cruise on an easy bike ride north on 13th Street, through Hyde Park and stop at Camel’s Back. This spot let’s you experience the foothills through a low resistance walk and is the perfect spot to see how expansive the season’s change in Boise really is.

The Boise art scene also follows the city’s second blooming mentality. The cultural district comes alive with fresh exhibits and exhilarating shows. Twenty-five feet from the north side of the Afton in BCT, Boise Contemporary Theater. BCT is celebrated for its diverse lineup of well-produced shows, readings and films. You can also cross Capitol Boulevard a block to the east to stumble upon the Boise Art Museum, or BAM to locals. New exhibits are constantly showcased and the location at the mouth of Julia Davis Park couldn’t be a better backdrop to enjoy the fine arts. Then stay on Capital and head North just three blocks to The Egyptian Theater. One of Boise’s most famous landmarks, this venue brings in speakers from around the globe, premieres films and performances, and give you the best blasts from the past with the Boise Classic Movie program.  

As diverse as the art scene gets in autumn, there are event opportunities outside the Cultural District that suit any lifestyle you choose to have while living at the Afton.  Just a half mile away, a quick bike scant through the park, lands you at the Discovery Center. For years the Discovery Center was geared toward scientific learning for children, but the new “Adult Nights” program invites you in for cocktails, food, and Ted-Talk-esq speakers. It’s also that time of year when the Boise State University campus is bustling. Bronco Football is in full swing and your right in the action. get out and tailgate and then catch the best games of the year. BSU’s campus also houses the Morrison Center. This venue brings in the biggest shows in Idaho from concerts, to plays, to distinguished speakers and panels. There’s an event for everyone at the Morrison Center and it’s 100 yards from your home.   

So there’s no excuse for calling it a year when the waning days of Summer are gone. Boise is a city that encourages a lifestyle of exploration. Go out and find the thing that makes Boise your home. Find the thing that makes you, feel the most like you, regardless of season. It’s all right outside your front door.

Let Summer end. Find your Fall.

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