It’s a sentence that’s rarely uttered, “I love the commute to work.”  For many, the to and from can be the hardest part.

So what happens if that isn’t a worry anymore?  What happens when the distance between home and work is just a staircase?

Live-work units are the answer.

These spaces offer the comfort of home living, with an attached professional work environment.  The street level business front keeps you part of downtown commerce, while the second floor living space perches you brilliantly close to Boise’s rich cultural scene.

Live-work units are not a new concept, but they’ve been gaining popularity for their benefits.  The Small Bussiness section of details the history of live-work spaces and lists several benifits including “A live-work unit cuts your commute time to seconds, and because all you need to do is walk from your bedroom to your office, you avoid the cost of gasoline for commuting to work.”

So what’s the sacrifice? Individuality?  Community engagement?  

The last thing to stress about losing is your individuality. One of the best parts of owning a live-work unit is the ability to fuse your specific tastes together in both spaces.  The LA Times article, Feeling At Home in A Live-Work Unit, “Several factors make live-work units attractive to certain small-business operators, including an end to commuting and the opportunity to own their office or manufacturing space.” Make the living space a cozy home and the work space a fully-functional office, or throw that all out the window and have the two spaces become one!’s article Smart Live-Work Spaces has plenty of inspirational ideas to get you started.

And community interaction is non-negotiable. Boise is a city that cherishes the neighborhood feeling and The Afton follows suit. In an interview with California-based architect Thomas Dolan, a live-work unit expert, he detailed the importance of community saying, “Creating spaces in which casual, informal interaction between live-work residents occurs naturally is the most important element in encouraging a sense of community.”  Between the rich opportunities throughout the city and the countless amenities at The Afton, there are unlimited ways to connect with fellow residents.

There are hundreds of intriguing elements and possible opportunities while enjoying a live-work unit.’s Ten Truths of Live-Work Planning and Design can help you understand the contributing attributes that will make the space perfect for you.

You’re motivated to live well. Motivated to work well.  What’s motivating you to keep the two separate?

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