Odds are you’re not a world-renowned chef.

There’s good news though . . . it doesn’t matter. In your kitchen, in your home, you’re the best chef in the room.

And to be the best, you have to give yourself the tools to live up to the mantel. You have to hand pick what makes you great, regardless of what you’re cooking.

Downtown Boise caters to building you up.

Boise is fortunate to sit in the Treasure Valley, a fertile crescent of the American West perched where six native rivers drain into the Snake River. This area’s rich growing capabilities have sparked booms in not only population and agricultural production, but in food trends as well.

Wandering around downtown, the recurring themes of “Loyal to Local” and “Farm to Fork” will shadow your steps and hopefully follow you home.

This is most apparent at pop-up markets. The Boise Farmer’s Market is open Saturday mornings and afternoons year round; using an open air lot on 10th and Grove in the summer and indoor facility (100 yards from the Afton) in the winter. Or check out The Capital City Public Market. Just two blocks down 8th, the street closes down for the 4 block open-air market. Both markets feature rotating showcases of over 60 local sellers. Pick up the perfect ingredients from fresh pasta to mushrooms to wine, or that rustic décor piece your kitchen has been missing.  

If you’re looking for a specialty item to cook up during the week, Boise’s downtown harbors small shops that import fresh ingredients daily to have exactly what you need. For the freshest in seafood, pop into Reel Foods Fish Market, just a block east of the Afton on  River Street. Looking for a great cut of meat? Prime Cuts, a quarter mile northwest, is a premium butcher shop using the highest quality meat Idaho has to offer.  And be sure to pair your home cooked creation with artisanal bread from 8th Street's’ own Zeppole bakery.  

Need to fill the gaps in your meal plan? Don’t fret. Big name retailers have moved into the downtown scene and they’ve brought a fresh attitude with them. Take an easy bike ride east through Julia Davis Park to run into Whole Foods Market. Or make it as easy as crossing Capitol Boulevard for samples and fresh produce at Trader Joe’s.

The truth is, you aren’t opening a Michelin-rated restaurant in your kitchen. But you are making something special. Whether you’re making a simple salad or ratatouille, you’re making memories.

Make them with the best stuff you can pick.

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