The words convenience and food, when paired up or set closely together, create a vision in our minds. It’s not necessarily a negative one, but convenient food can only aspire to fly so high. The Afton sees it differently. It’s not about food that’s fast, it’s about great food that’s close to where you are. Living in the growing heart of Boise is this convenience at its absolute best. There is a cornucopia of recharge and refreshment around every corner. We’ll prove it.     



Looking for that jolt to get your day started off right? Downtown Boise has just the thing to get your morning buzzing. Within a few short blocks, you’ll find two stellar coffee houses. The first is Slow By Slow. It’s a newer addition to the 8th Street Marketplace, that didn’t take very long to become a staple. The second shop is the freshly opened Form & Function on 5th and Myrtle, just down the way from the Trader Joe's. With rotating roast menus, mouthwatering baked goods, and an artisan flare, these modern spots are must for the java lover. Plus, if you're not a coffee drinker, they both offer a hot chocolate that will change the way you drink hot chocolate.  


For a little later in the day and a touch on the lighter side, Boise is brimming with options. Just two blocks from The Afton, near the center of BoDo, sits one of the freshest options around (it’s even in the name). Fresh Healthy Cafe prides itself on offering paninis, salads, and smoothies that are all full of the best stuff on earth. And as a bonus, they’ll deliver right to your front door. Now, if you’re feeling something with a Mediterranean edge, turn the corner from there and you’ll stumble upon Meraki. Their refreshing and hearty take on greek street food will have you wanting to sample everything on the menu.


As evening sets in and the flickering lights of the city illuminate around you, you won’t have to venture far to discover dining that will leave an impression. Just next to the Form & Function coffee house is The Wylder. They label themselves as a supper joint (that’s right supper) and delight guests with simple, full-flavored pizzas and family recipes options that change nightly. If that doesn’t strike your fancy, two blocks closer to The Afton, in the lavishly boutique Inn @ 500, you’ll find Richard’s. With a modern take on regionally inspired Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, it’s the perfect place to find the perfect balance of succulent, savory and hearty. 


Unwinding after a long day or a long weekend can be a must. Luckily, there has been a boom in wonderful watering holes over the past few months. One block east, at the corner of Fulton and Capitol Blvd, is a place where three options meet together. Montana-based White Dog Brewing Company offers a diverse selection of roasting taps. It’s the perfect place to meet friends, watch a game or pop-in for a quick happy hour cold one. For something a little more intimate, walk next door to The Gas Lantern Drinking Company. They are quickly making a name for themselves by blending stylish comfort with innovative mixology to create a warm and inviting experience. Looking for the fruity side of things? Look no further than tasting room for Longdrop Cider Company. They offer 7 of the regional favorite’s ciders on tap including the old favorites and some one-of-a-kind special brews.


Don’t miss the sweet stuff! The Sweetest Things In Life, a.k.a. STIL is an ice cream shop unlike any other. With unique concoctions, fresh ingredients and beer & wine pairings it’s the twist on frozen treats and worth the extra calories. Afterall, what’s life without a little sugar on top?

All the options above are worth exploring, but the only true way to find your favorite spot is to do just that, explore. The Afton positions you close to a countless variety of eateries. There truly is something for everyone and that definitely includes you. And it does it all inside a seven-block radius. It’s a foodie adventure, without having to go very far.