Our green space is growing. Our community is growing. The Afton is growing NOW!

With construction well into the first of two phases, the impact is already reverberating through the heart of the city. In recent years, there has been a clear and concise call for urban housing that utilizes Boise’s friendly community and uncompromising beauty. Luckily, CCDC (Capital City Development Corp) recognized that call and with perked ears, went to work to discover the perfect vision and bring it to life.

Now, simply walk to the corner of 8th and River Street, just four blocks from the city center, and watch as teams weave the future of urban living into Boise’s distinct community.  With the ground level and parking structure complete, expansion is moving upward building floor after floor of inviting homes that will feature picturesque river and city views. With each new piece added, a new style in living is being ushered into Idaho. The Afton, when complete, will combine craftsmanship with an appreciation for the most livable city in America.

The concrete is poured. The walls are standing tall. The Afton is here.   

For more information on the progress for Phase 1,  and to stay up to date on the coming Phase 2 development sign up for the A list. And as always, feel free to contact our sales team for more information.