Downtown living doesn’t mean sacrificing lush yards for concrete.

Boise finds itself as a diverse combination of ecological triumphs and human interactions that collide in the downtown scene.

But what’s in it for you? Why enter the green space?

There’s undoubtedly something euphoric about the feel of fresh grass under your feet, something comforting in the smell of autumn leaves rolling along a riverbank and something empowering in taking a weed by the base and unearthing it.

Are these feelings worth losing? More importantly, why do you have to?

At The Afton you don’t.

The Afton offers close proximity to all of these coveted feelings. Not only are the Julia Davis Rose Gardens a stone’s skip down the greenbelt, but the open spaces of Ann Morrison Park and the secret paths of Kathryn Albertson Park are within a calm bike ride’s distance.

What about your seasoned green thumb? Boise City Parks and Recreation Volunteers will take all the hands they can get to plant trees, rake leaves, maintain flowerbeds and put in the work to keep Boise beautiful. Be a Park Ambassador, be a Landscape Attendant, be part of the things you love.

You have your landscape, your changing seasons, your growing gardens and lawns. You’ve had your green spaces. Now come be a part of ours. 

We are growing soon. Now’s your chance! As condominium homes are being designed, we’d love to hear from you. Just contact us here and GET ON THE A LIST to stay up to date on the latest.