For many people Boise is the perfect place to live. Inspiring scenery, endless outdoor recreation opportunities, a thriving business community, a vibrant downtown scene, a leading university, well known arts centers, theatres, large parks, concert halls and a contemporary theatre are all tied together by a river and the Greenbelt.

Many of these things are benefits that come with living in a much bigger city, but in Boise all of these things are available in an easy place to live with low crime and where it’s still possible to know many of the city’s leaders by name. But what’s really unique, and not often reflected upon, is that all of these things are within five minutes of each other. Five minutes. There aren’t many cities that have all of their primary, and unique features so close together.

What’s missing?

This development will, for the first time, create a comfortable yet contemporary place to live at the center of all of this. A handful of interesting people who can live their life within a short walk of all these things, easily enjoying all that Boise offers.

Strangely, this has never existed before. Probably because there is no other spot quite like The Afton.

Just minutes from The Afton:

Boise Art Museum (2 blocks)
Boise Contemporary Theater (neighbor)                                                                                         The Morrison Center (1 block)
Boise State University (2 blocks)
The Flicks (1 block)
Trader Joe’s (3 blocks)
Boise Greenbelt (neighbor)
Boise River (neighbor)
Julia Davis Park (1 block)
Ann Morrison Park (2 blocks)
BODO (1 block)
Downtown Boise (2 blocks)
Dining (1 block)
Shopping (1 block)