It can be said that many things begin at home. One of the most valuable is the feeling of community. Community will always make an ok place, a great place to live.

So often one can see examples of high­rise towers or anonymous buildings that seem to have thought about “people” and “community” last. The main offense is a focus on a building a concept rather than a home.

By choosing GGLO  out of Seattle, Michael Hormaechea has made a conscientious effort to build a community, where residents can thrive in a designed space that is both functional for the private and the public while offering unparalleled access to an active lifestyle in the beautiful and lively downtown you’ll have right at your doorstep. A home is not a building of units, but an integrated neighborhood. A place to retreat, interact or socialize.

It takes forethought and experience in urban design and living to turn streets into neighborhoods and city quadrants into communities. When developing new homes, regardless of urban or suburban, thoughtful planning and design should seek to create

spaces where people can connect. Where people can both get away and come together.

With people also comes mobility. With that in mind, The Afton promises to strengthen the close connection between downtown restaurant and retail core with the Boise River. A true walking and biking paradise awaits future residents of The Afton.

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